What if you could stop all negative thoughts? What if you could finally be happy in love? What if you were truly happy in your career? What if all your worries and stresses could disappear?


I work with your spiritual self not your physical self, distance is not an issue.



Our minds are like computers, storing everything we do, say, see etc.  We keep repeating life's cycles because our brains are programmed that way. All it takes to move forward and be happy in life and all that it offers is to re-program our brains.
With Alice's natural born abilities mixed with her unique sound healing technique combined with color therapy, crystal healing and chakra balancing you can do just that. Alice is an 8th generation spiritual healer and twinflame® specialist, naturally gifted with her healing ability. 1 session with Alice can help you reprogram your mind and spiritual destiny. Alice will connect with your inner subconscious and your higher self and make the repetitive cycle come to a screeching halt. It's time to heal your energy and step into your power. bring in true love to your life. progress through business and finance. Discover what your life truly has in store for you.