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What would it be like if you could stop thinking negatively? How would it feel if you could finally be happy in love? Would it make a difference if you were satisfied with your career? Is it possible to forget about your worries and stress?


I work with your spiritual self not your physical self, distance is not an issue.



We keep repeating life's cycles because our brains are programmed to do it that way. Our brains are like computers, storing everything we do, say, see, etc. It is possible to become happy in life and all it has to offer if we reprogram our brains.
It is possible to achieve this through Alice's natural born abilities and her unique sound healing technique combined with color therapy, crystal healing, and chakra balancing. Alice is a 10th generation spiritual healer and twinflame® specialist, born with the Golden Veil and naturally gifted with her healing ability. She can help you access your higher self and rewrite your destiny. In Alice's hands, the repetitive cycle will come to a screeching halt as she connects with your subconscious and higher self. You can now step into your power, heal your energy and regain your balance. bring true love into your life. progress through business and finance. Discover what your life truly has in store for you.




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