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Are you the “runner” or the “chaser”? This, among numerous other questions will be answered from sessions with Alice and her TwinFlame® work. 
A True and Original Gift
In November of 2020, Alice acquired sole proprietorship of the TwinFlame® trademark. She has worked toward this goal for the last two years, and is overjoyed by the achievement. A copy can be found on (United States Patent and Trademark Office site). 
Alice is the first person to practice a TwinFlame® reading. She created the concept for the trademark, which formed from her own methodology: The TwinFlame® sessions she offers are rooted in the combined teachings from her Romani Heritage, as well as her own studies of Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Alchemy, Sound healing, and Reiki.  
The TwinFlame Originator Is An Eighth-Generation Psychic
Alice spent her entire life learning and fostering her gifts and abilities through hands-on training from relatives. In order to help her clients find their TwinFlame®, or ultimate romantic partner, Alice must access what's known as their Akashic Records which is like the book of our lives. In these records, that's where the information of your TwinFlame® is stored.” Unlike most other psychics who only read “surface energies,” Alice delves deep into the Akashic Records, and gains access to the “blueprint for clients’ healing.” 
Alice Offers A six-Week Course To Lead Others Along Their TwinFlame Journey
Following the initial TwinFlame® session, Alice works with clients in order to discover if they have already met their TwinFlame® in this lifetime. Through vast “soul discovery” and a “series of healings'' one can truly benefit from Alice’s gift. Along this spiritual journey, Alice will also demonstrate “how to connect with your TwinFlame® in the Astral Plane and begin your soul discovery.” Understanding oneself is vital to making this discovery. To successfully manifest a TwinFlame®, one must also understand the concepts of “the aura, chakra system, along with the importance of color, frequency, vibrations, and  Energy Alchemy.”
As the original TwinFlame® specialist, Alice started these sessions in 2008 and became  known as such on social media by 2013. She has since helped dozens of clients find their one and only Twinflame.  Alice has reached 300 thousand followers on Tiktok, with her posts hitting 3 million views. 
About Alice Psychic: 
Alice Psychic is based in Houston, Texas. Throughout her years of training she has become a Certified Reiki Master, a Certified Angel Reader, and Therapy Practitioner. She is also trained in Distance Healing for five years, as well as the study of Energy Alchemy. 
Alice Johnson is best known on instagram as @AlicePsychic, or the @ThePsychicNextDoor on Tiktok
Are you ready for true love? Are you tired of blind dates and match making websites claiming to find your best match? Do you feel true love doesn't exist and you'll just have to settle with someone or worse yet be forever alone?
Alice is a psychic Energy Healer who has helped 100's find their true love. Finding true love isn't just about what type of movies you like or where you see yourself in five years. You need a spiritual connection! Alice is gifted with the ability to tap into your personal frequency and will set you on the path of healing from within, allowing true love in your life. Not only will this person be someone you have things in common with but also your spiritual "double" or your true romantic completion. Your true partner in life.
So say goodbye to matchmaking websites, bars, blind dates and always being the odd man out and say hello to your "true" match!


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