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Alice Johnson
The Psychic Next Door

10th Generation Twinflame® Specialist & Spiritual Wellness Coach

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Negative energy is often a reflection of your internal spiritual health and can be resolved once you start making more conscious decisions and changes in your daily life. Alice is dedicated to her clients and their specific needs.

A driving motivation of Alice Psychic is to assess each individual and set a plan in motion to help you achieve your personal goals. This is a beneficial process of discovering your own personal balance while investing in yourself and your future. Alice provides spiritual solutions for every body, mind and soul.

Alice has the solution

As a 10th generation Twinflame® specialist, Alice will help you find your power, reclaim your voice, and reimagine the Twinflame® experience. Working alongside the ancestors of her Romani ethnicity for nearly 30 years, Alice branched out in 2004 on her own. Her innate ability to see into your true heart allows her to help you become your own Twinflame®. You will bring any confusion you hold in your heart and mind to an end with Alice's help. Alice can navigate you through any area of your life, from love to career, family to health and anything in between.
Consider her your personal spiritual assistant.
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